HTI-00-DHPC is a downhole pressure compensated hydrophone A pressure compensated, wideband downhole hydrophone with glass sealed feed-thrus. Its compact size is suitable for small well bores.

without preamp:
-197 dB re: 1V/µPa (14.1 V/Bar)

with preamp:
Customer may specify pre-amp gain with range: -40 dB to 36 dB.

Frequency Response:
Customer may specify HPF and LPF
within Range: 1 Hz to 10 kHz

Equivalent Input Self Noise:
RMS from 1 Hz to 1000 Hz:
74 dB re: 1 µPa
0.05 µBar

Preamplifier Type:
Current or Voltage mode

Maximum Operating Depth:
Pressure Compensated Design
20,000 psi

Viton Boot: 2.45” x 0.98”
Endcap dia.: 1.18"