HTI's Marine Mammal
A high sensitivity and wide bandwidth hydrophone designed for marine mammal studies.
The Marine Mammal hydrophone is a HTI-96-Min hydrophone with a predefined sensitivity, frequency response and cable length. It is typically a stocked product.

with preamp:
-164 dB re: 1V/μPa

Frequency Response:
2 Hz to 30 kHz

Preamplifier Type:
Voltage mode
(3 wire: Power, Ground, Signal Out)

Operating Voltage:
5 VDC to 15 VDC (9V Battery)

Cable Length:
8 meters standard
(additional cable available, 300 meters max)

Customer Specifies Type
(BNC, 1/8" audio jack, XLR, etc.)

Maximum Operating Depth:
10,000 feet
3,048 meters

2.50” length x 0.75” dia.

Mechanical Outlines (For Reference Only):