The POEMS-A developed by High Tech, Inc. is a highly portable, autonomous acoustic measurement system. The system combines many hard to find features in a single, compact instrument.
The system was specifically designed to be used with the High Tech, Inc. HTI-92-WB low-noise, wide band hydrophones. The hydrophone array incorporates a proprietary encapsulation process to prevent leakage to seawater. Custom signal conditioning circuit boards have been designed and built for the 24 acoustic channels. Programming and control software for controlling system operation through High Tech Inc.'s custom controller card are included with the system. No software development by the customer is required.
    Key Features
  • Wide bandwidth (50 kHz)
  • 24-bit data samples
  • ± 25 ppm clock accuracy
  • 24-channel array using HTI-92-WB hydrophones
  • 102 kHz max sample rate
  • 2 hour recording time (1 battery pack)
  • Lightweight package (140 lbs.)
    Flexibility is built into the basic system design. POEMS-A provides these options:
  • RF telemetry link for the surface buoy or bottom mounted operations.
  • Additional battery pack to extend recording time.
  • Bottom mounted with vertical or horizontal array.
  • Surface buoy