The HTI Wideband Acoustic System is a single channel, wideband, portable, shallow water buoy system intended primarily for making shallow water acoustic measurements.

The system may be repeatedly deployed in a slack surface buoy mooring in water depths ranging from 20 to 1,000 feet (6.1 to 304.8 meters).

The buoy system consists of a buoyant float assembly, an electronics package with VHF and UHF antennas, and omni-directional hydrophone with an electromechanical extension cable, and a rechargeable battery pack.

Underwater signals are received by the hydrophone and transmitted to the shipboard telemetry system via a VHF radio transmission where the data is transferred to a data handling system.

The buoy electronics are powered by a self-contained battery power supply.

Multiple single channel acoustic monitoring systems may be deployed simultaneously. A shipboard command transmitter may be used to control multiple systems via a UHF radio link as an alternative to the manual controls on the buoy system electronics package.

  • Ambient nosie measurements
  • Signal / noise characterization
  • Marine mammal monitoring
  • Acoustic tracking system
  • Source signature monitor
System Specifications:
Sensitivity -180 dB re: 1V/µPa
Frequency Response 10 Hz to 50 kHz
Self Noise 43 dB re: 1 µPa/√Hz @ 100 Hz
27 dB re: 1 µPa/√Hz @ 1,000 Hz
15 dB re: 1 µPa/√Hz @ 10,000 Hz
10 dB re: 1 µPa/√Hz @ 50,000 Hz
Dynamic Range 110 dB minimum (spectral)
Directionality Omnidirectional to 50 kHz (3 dB)

Electronics Package
VHF transmit frequency 136.0 - 173.5 MHz
VHF transmit power 1 Watt
Gain 0 dB or 20 dB (selectable)

Life 48 hours
Supply 14 VDC, 25 Ah