The RAMB System consists of a buoyant float assembly which houses a powerful electronics package. The system utilizes a 900 MHz radio link and GPS capable of communicating up to 10 Km. Two shipboard laptop PC's, the monitor control station (MCS) and GPS tracking, are used for communicating and tracking the buoy via the radio link. A ship base GPS is used for distance correlation.
The system incorporates a rechargeable sealed lead acid battery pack, capable of over 12 hours of continuous recording and 160 hours of standby. Signals from the array sensors are recorded and stored on a hard disk drive. The data may be downloaded by removing an access port and connecting to a RJ-45 ethernet connection. Battery recharging is also performed through the same access port. The buoy is capable of supporting the weight of a HTI 120 meter suspended vertical array with a 30 kG weight attached to the end.
  • 5 channel base configuration, (upgradeable to 8), of high quality digital data sampled at 65 kHz, (upgradeable to 96 kHz).
  • Independent Remote Activation of each channel, selectable precise channel gains and selectable high pass filtering.
  • GPS data continuously displays the distance of buoy from remote base with the full GPS positioning system accuracy of ± meter.
  • Up to 10 km range of communication.
  • Buoy status constantly transmits the buoy battery voltage, battery current, buoy temperature, leak detection, disk space, time, and several system power supply voltages for display on the MCS computer.
  • Continuous updates from the buoy, displays average RMS voltage for each channel.
  • Each channel contains a selectable low frequency sample rates.